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Are you puzzled about why the wind doesn't always blow when you want it to, why you don't always have the right size sail, or always the right size board???   Well then, here are some more puzzles for you for those days off the water.
Jigsaw puzzles made with puzzlemaker courtesy of Puzzlemaker allows you to make workable virtual jigsaw puzzles of pictures and email them to your friends or save them on your computer.  You need the latest versions of shockwave and flash (available for free at to work the puzzles.  They have many free games, etc. at their site including a great 3D pool game. 
The created puzzles are stored for under two weeks at shockwave and cannot be stored here; but the three puzzles below are available by email from CCAF.  Just request the one you want at
Available email virtual jigsaw puzzles:
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