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Welcome to the home page of Drjibe.  This site is being developed and will concentrate on some of my interests:  windsurfing, photography, piano, and MIDI music. 
What's New:
A waterstart segment has been added to the Windsurfing Tips page.
MIDI Tunes From The Web:
Songs of the wind, ships, & sea...
Anchors Away Voyager    sequenced by Peter Moore
Colors of the Wind Drunken Sailor    seq. by Barry Taylor
Dust in the Wind    seq. by Salim J. Karam Blow The Man Down    seq. by Barry Taylor
Surfin' USA Wipeout Unda Da Sea
Songs of Texas
El Paso Streets of Laredo  seq. by Barry Taylor Yellow Rose of Texas  seq. by Don Carrol
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Blue Angels:  The Blue Angels precision flight demonstration team performed at the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station March 27, 1999 and gave another spectacular show there April 21 & 22, 2001.  Some shots from the April 21st show have been added to the Blue Angles Gallery.  For some really big air, check out the selected photos from the web and the more extensive photo and information links below.
 Great Shots
 Blue Angels 1
 Blue Angels 2
 Blue Angels 3
Great Shots   And Equal Time For The   USAF Thunderbirds
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